MRTG 安裝與應用

rpm -q mrtg

[[email protected] ~]$ rpm -q mrtg
  • 如果沒有安裝, 就執行 yum -y install mrtg 來安裝
rpm -q net-snmp

[[email protected] ~]# rpm -q net-snmp
  • 如果沒有安裝, 就執行 yum -y install net-snmp 來安裝
vi /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf
com2sec notConfigUser  default       public

group   notConfigGroup v1           notConfigUser
group   notConfigGroup v2c           notConfigUser

view    systemview    included   .
view    systemview    included   .
view    systemview    included   .
view    systemview    included   .

access  notConfigGroup ""      any       noauth    exact  systemview none none

syslocation Taipei
syscontact Admin <[email protected]>
service snmpd restart
chkconfig snmpd on 
chkconfig --list | grep snmpd
  • 假設已經安裝 trysrvtool 在 /opt/trysrvtool/, 就可以在 /opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ 底下看到相關的 scripts
cd /etc/mrtg
cat localhost.cfg >> mrtg.cfg
vi /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg
### Global Defaults

#  to get bits instead of bytes and graphs growing to the right
Options[_]: growright, bits

Target[eth1]: 3:[email protected]
SetEnv[eth1]: MRTG_INT_IP="" MRTG_INT_DESCR="eth1"
MaxBytes[eth1]: 1250000000
Options[eth1]: growright
Title[eth1]: Traffic Analysis
PageTop[eth1]: <H1>Stats for our eth0: Ethernet</H1>

Target[disk_root]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/`
MaxBytes[disk_root]: 50000000000
Options[disk_root]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[disk_root]: disk_root
ShortLegend[disk_root]: Bytes
LegendO[disk_root]: disk_root Available;
LegendI[disk_root]: disk_root Used;
Title[disk_root]: disk_root Usage
PageTop[disk_root]: <H1>disk_root usage</H1>

Target[disk_boot]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ /boot`
MaxBytes[disk_boot]: 50000000000
Options[disk_boot]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[disk_boot]: disk_boot
ShortLegend[disk_boot]: Bytes
LegendO[disk_boot]: disk_boot Available;
LegendI[disk_boot]: disk_boot Used;
Title[disk_boot]: disk_boot Usage
PageTop[disk_boot]: <H1>disk_boot usage</H1>

Target[disk_data]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ /data`
MaxBytes[disk_data]: 200000000000
Options[disk_data]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[disk_data]: disk_data
ShortLegend[disk_data]: Bytes
LegendO[disk_data]: disk_data Available;
LegendI[disk_data]: disk_data Used;
Title[disk_data]: disk_data Usage
PageTop[disk_data]: <H1>disk_data usage</H1>

Target[disk_backup]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ /backup`
MaxBytes[disk_backup]: 200000000000
Options[disk_backup]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[disk_backup]: disk_backup
ShortLegend[disk_backup]: Bytes
LegendO[disk_backup]: disk_backup Available;
LegendI[disk_backup]: disk_backup Used;
Title[disk_backup]: disk_backup Usage
PageTop[disk_backup]: <H1>disk_backup usage</H1>

Target[cpuload]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/` 
MaxBytes[cpuload]: 100 
Options[cpuload]: gauge, nopercent, growright 
YLegend[cpuload]: CPU loading (%) 
ShortLegend[cpuload]: % 
LegendO[cpuload]: CPU User Loading; 
LegendI[cpuload]: CPU System Loading; 
Title[cpuload]: CPU Loading
PageTop[cpuload]: <H1>CPU loading</H1> 

Target[cpuio]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/`
MaxBytes[cpuio]: 100
Options[cpuio]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[cpuio]: cpuio (%)
ShortLegend[cpuio]: %
LegendO[cpuio]: cpu Idel;
LegendI[cpuio]: cpu IOWait;
Title[cpuio]: cpuio Loading
PageTop[cpuio]: <H1>cpuio loading</H1>

Target[memswap]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/`
MaxBytes[memswap]: 8000000000
Options[memswap]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[memswap]: Memory (Bytes)
ShortLegend[memswap]: Bytes
LegendO[memswap]: Free Memory;
LegendI[memswap]: Swap Memory;
Title[memswap]: Memory Usage
PageTop[memswap]: <H1>Memory Usage</H1>

Target[sensors]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ sensors`
MaxBytes[sensors]: 100
Options[sensors]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[sensors]: M/B (C)
ShortLegend[sensors]: C
LegendO[sensors]: M/B Temp ;
LegendI[sensors]: M/B Temp;
Title[sensors]: M/B Temperature
PageTop[sensors]: <H1>M/B temperature</H1>

Target[ups]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ ups`
MaxBytes[ups]: 100
Options[ups]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[ups]: UPS (C)
ShortLegend[ups]: C
LegendO[ups]: UPS Temp ;
LegendI[ups]: UPS Temp;
Title[ups]: UPS Temperature
PageTop[ups]: <H1>APC UPS temperature</H1>

Target[sata_dev_sda]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ sata /dev/sda`
MaxBytes[sata_dev_sda]: 100
Options[sata_dev_sda]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[sata_dev_sda]: HD (C)
ShortLegend[sata_dev_sda]: C
LegendO[sata_dev_sda]: data HD Temp ;
LegendI[sata_dev_sda]: data HD Temp;
Title[sata_dev_sda]: Hard Disk Temperature
PageTop[sata_dev_sda]: <H1>Hard Disk temperature</H1>

Target[sata_dev_sdb]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ sata /dev/sdb`
MaxBytes[sata_dev_sdb]: 100
Options[sata_dev_sdb]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[sata_dev_sdb]: HD (C)
ShortLegend[sata_dev_sdb]: C
LegendO[sata_dev_sdb]: main HD Temp ;
LegendI[sata_dev_sdb]: main HD Temp;
Title[sata_dev_sdb]: Hard Disk Temperature
PageTop[sata_dev_sdb]: <H1>Hard Disk temperature</H1>

Target[smtp]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ 25`
MaxBytes[smtp]: 500
Options[smtp]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[smtp]: smtp connect (#)
ShortLegend[smtp]: #
LegendO[smtp]: SMTP User Connecting;
LegendI[smtp]: SMTP User Connected;
Title[smtp]: SMTP Connections
PageTop[smtp]: <H1>SMTP connections</H1>

Target[pop3]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ 110`
MaxBytes[pop3]: 500
Options[pop3]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[pop3]: pop3 connect (#)
ShortLegend[pop3]: #
LegendO[pop3]: POP3 User Connecting;
LegendI[pop3]: POP3 User Connected;
Title[pop3]: POP3 Connections
PageTop[pop3]: <H1>POP3 connections</H1>

Target[imap]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ 143`
MaxBytes[imap]: 500
Options[imap]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[imap]: imap connect (#)
ShortLegend[imap]: #
LegendO[imap]: IMAP User Connecting;
LegendI[imap]: IMAP User Connected;
Title[imap]: IMAP Connections
PageTop[imap]: <H1>IMAP connections</H1>

Target[mail_queue]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/`
MaxBytes[mail_queue]: 50000000000
Options[mail_queue]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[mail_queue]: mail_queue
ShortLegend[mail_queue]: #
LegendO[mail_queue]: mail_queue1 files;
LegendI[mail_queue]: mail_queue2 files;
Title[mail_queue]: mail_queue files
PageTop[mail_queue]: <H1>mail_queue files</H1>

Target[http]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ 80`
MaxBytes[http]: 500
Options[http]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[http]: http connect (#)
ShortLegend[http]: #
LegendO[http]: HTTP User Connecting;
LegendI[http]: HTTP User Connected;
Title[http]: HTTP Connections
PageTop[http]: <H1>HTTP connections</H1>

Target[ssh]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ 22`
MaxBytes[ssh]: 500
Options[ssh]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[ssh]: ssh connect (#)
ShortLegend[ssh]: #
LegendO[ssh]: SSH User Connecting;
LegendI[ssh]: SSH User Connected;
Title[ssh]: SSH Connections
PageTop[ssh]: <H1>SSH connections</H1>

Target[postgres]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ 5432`
MaxBytes[postgres]: 500
Options[postgres]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[postgres]: psql connect (#)
ShortLegend[postgres]: #
LegendO[postgres]: PostgreSQL User Connecting;
LegendI[postgres]: PostgreSQL User Connected;
Title[postgres]: PostgreSQL Connections
PageTop[postgres]: <H1>PostgreSQL connections</H1>

Target[mysql]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ 3306`
MaxBytes[mysql]: 500
Options[mysql]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[mysql]: msql connect (#)
ShortLegend[mysql]: #
LegendO[mysql]: MYSQL User Connecting;
LegendI[mysql]: MYSQL User Connected;
Title[mysql]: MYSQL Connections
PageTop[mysql]: <H1>MYSQL connections</H1>

Target[domain]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ 53`
MaxBytes[domain]: 500
Options[domain]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[domain]: dns connect (#)
ShortLegend[domain]: #
LegendO[domain]: domain User Connecting;
LegendI[domain]: domain User Connected;
Title[domain]: domain Connections
PageTop[domain]: <H1>domain connections</H1>

Target[ntp]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ 123`
MaxBytes[ntp]: 500
Options[ntp]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[ntp]: ntp connect (#)
ShortLegend[ntp]: #
LegendO[ntp]: NTP User Connecting;
LegendI[ntp]: NTP User Connected;
Title[ntp]: NTP Connections
PageTop[ntp]: <H1>NTP connections</H1>

Target[upsload]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/`
MaxBytes[upsload]: 100
Options[upsload]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[upsload]: upsload (%)
ShortLegend[upsload]: %
LegendI[upsload]: ups load;
LegendO[upsload]: bat capacity;
Title[upsload]: UPS Loading
PageTop[upsload]: <H1>APC UPS Loading</H1>

Target[upsvolts]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ "LINEV    :,OUTPUTV"`
MaxBytes[upsvolts]: 200
Options[upsvolts]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[upsvolts]: ups volts
ShortLegend[upsvolts]: VAC
LegendI[upsvolts]: Utility Voltage;
LegendO[upsvolts]: Output Voltage;
Title[upsvolts]: UPS Voltage
PageTop[upsvolts]: <H1>APC UPS Voltage</H1>

Target[upsother]: `/opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/ "TIMELEFT,BATTV    :"`
MaxBytes[upsother]: 100
Options[upsother]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[upsother]: ups others
ShortLegend[upsother]: min/vdc
LegendI[upsother]: Time Left;
LegendO[upsother]: Bat Voltage;
Title[upsother]: UPS Others
PageTop[upsother]: <H1>APC UPS Others</H1>
cd /opt/trysrvtool/mrtg
chmod a+x *
  • 測試執行兩次 /opt/trysrvtool/mrtg/, 第一次會出現一些 Rateup WARNING:…, 第二次應該就不會出現
vi /etc/cron.d/mrtg
*/5 * * * * root LANG=C LC_ALL=C /usr/bin/mrtg /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg --lock-file /var/lock/mrtg/mrtg_l --confcache-file /var/lib/mrtg/mrtg.ok
service crond restart
vi /etc/httpd/conf.d/mrtg.conf
Alias /mrtg /var/www/mrtg

<Location /mrtg>
#    Order deny,allow
#    Deny from all
#    Allow from
#    Allow from ::1
    # Allow from
service httpd restart
  • 在 /var/www/mrtg/ 底下產生 index.html
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